Studio Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Masterplan and Architectural design of central place “Coeur de Courrouze”

client:Rennes Métropole / Territoires & Développement
program:public space
date:design phase: 2014-2016 / realization: 2017- 2021
team:Studio PV
Charles Dard Paysagiste: landscape
AMCO VRD: engineering and structures

Simona Bodria, Adrien Lefèvre, Laura-May Dessagne, Carla Greco, Kasumi Yoshida

Almost in the geographic center of Zac Courrouze, the urban project aims to create high density part of the neighborhood, in between of green natural spaces, prior of the project, that realize a strong and amazing contrast with modern architectures that are built.
Conceived like a “urban interior”, the Pole Courrouze is hugged by dense wood (oaks, ash trees, pine trees, ..) in both side. Inside him it is realized an open mineral space where shops and weekly market find theirs spaces. The mineral place is covered by a regular pattern of news plane trees that create a “green roof” for the place. Public lightings are also hanging from cables, pulled between the facades of the building.
The exceptional big trees existing on the site, are conserved on the place but also but also within the private plots. Localized in a topographic low point, the presence of trees permits also like a water management system: the storm water is stored in the substratum made by a mixture of topsoil and stone. An half of the place is now realized: shops are opened, including a coffee-restaurant.