Studio Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Redevelopement of the Lecco's waterfront

client:municipality of Lecco
program:public space
date:2020 -
team:Studio PV
Alpina Spa: engineering
Nexteco SRL: environmental studies
Systematica: mobility
Ferrara Palladino: lighting design

Simona Bodria, Laura Dalla Pietà, Gianluca Masiero, Alessio Tamiazzo, Laura Thierré

The project proposes a new waterfront accessible for everyone, using the ‘thickness’ between the lake and the urban facade and connecting the lake to the city. This is what we call ‘The thickness of the lake’. The task of the project is to rethink this thikness, to enlarge its space, increase its fruibility by citizens and tourists and collect al the differents parts of this space in a coherent urban project.
The proposed interventions, arranged within flexible and incremental intervention phases, therefore aim not only to propose new equipment and attractive places on the lake, but to reconfigure the thickness between water and city. The project brings together all the opportunities, including that relating to the progressive revision of car mobility, to rebuild a direct link between the lake and the city and create a new depth on the Waterfront space, extending the attractiveness of its lake to the whole city.