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Requalification of Piazza Garibaldi in Finale Emilia

client:Finale Emilia municipality
program:public space
date:2020 - in progress
team:Studio PV
MyndIngegneria: engineering, cost estimation
Alessio Tamiazzo, Gianluca Masiero

Piazza Garibaldi is a long open space of 180 x 40m in the ancient center of Finale Emilia. The square, today a big parking, hold an important role of connection between the center and the De Gasperi gardens, one of the main green spaces of the city. With the commercial and catering activities, the sqaure represent, with Piazza Verdi, the main public space for the Finale Emilia inhabitans.
The project for the new Piazza Garibaldi and also for the ancient center of Finale Emilia expresses a simple urban and spatial concept, strongly motivated by its elongated shape: a garden square, place of leisuring and walking, a flexible space that it can be a big market but at the same time can be a shaded and quiet zone. The concept of the garden critically read the history of site and the memory of the channel that long ago crossed it; a longitudinal mark echoed by the choice of the Prun stone large strip that enhance the size and dimensions of space. The space reflect a simple landscape, a big open space minimally designed, with the “marciapiede della Rana” as one of the main elements, fading entering the space. The square is a single surface, with no difference in levels and without any obstacle. A big green canopy provide fresh air and shadows during the sweltering summers in the Po valley.