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Sambreville territorial project and integrated redevelopment plan for the Val de Sambre

client:Bureau Economique de la Province de Namur
program:territorial project - redevolpment plan
date:2017 - 2018
team:Studio PV
Alessia Calo, Bertrand Plewinski, Morvan Rabin

consultant:Idea Consult: strategies and development, programmation

The Val de Sambre, featured here, comprises the municipalities of Sambreville and Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, a city with a population of 50,000 and a particular form. It is a territory molded by the glass and chemical industry on the one hand, and by the landscape of the Lower Sambre on the other. Its wealth derives from the connection between the dynamic residential economy of the Namur basin and the long industrial tradition of the Charleroi basin, while playing the role of hinge between the two natural regions of Condroz and Hesbaye.
To rework its economic, territorial and social fabrics collectively, the Val de Sambre and its components, linked to the industrial era, must enter into a new life cycle, through a project that adheres to its population and vice versa and that enhances the important spatial and social capital present in the territory.
The exceptional landscape of both the main valley and its secondary valley, the quality of the habitat in relation to the landscape, as well as the phenomenon of metropolisation currently in progress in Walloon Brabant, the proximity of universities, the quality of the soils, the pre-existence of numerous infrastructures, the promotion and development of a recycling sector that integrates scientific research.. all this can become an extraordinary emancipation tool, in taken into account within a global project.