Studio Paola ViganĂ²

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Construction and renovation of UMONS Architecture and Urbanism building
[second prize]

team: Studio PV
Laurent Vermeersch architectes: architecture
Etienne Schillers, Uberto degli Uberti, Kasumi Yoshida

consultants:Be Greisch: engineering
Energy Consulting: energy
Room's: acustic
Atelier Telescopique: image coordination

The principal north-south ax, since the Havre steet and until Rachot steet, organize a sequence of "plenums-voids". The replacement of the existing buildings makes possible the construction and the coherence of this sequence.
The different external open spaces allow the construction of different proportions and dimension spaces. Every space has so a particular meaning, from the urban scale to the architectural one.

A convivial, fluid and low-tech environment, a landscape-architecture
The project, with his fine careness at the context, makes possible his valorization and participation in the design.
The entrance sequence and the stroll inside the landscape-architecture allow urban panoramas to permeate inside the campus. The "plan libre", like a large space containing all the workshops, offers adaptability and freedom of the available spaces. The sheds, also modular, emphasize the architecture-landscape and the connection with scale of the city.