Studio Paola ViganĂ²

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Redevelopment, revitalization and development of the Plateau de la Gare
[first prize]

client:Tournai city- SNCB - SRWT TEC - SPW
program:masterplan /public space
date:2018 - in progress
team:Studio PV
Etienne Schillers, Uberto degli Uberti, Qinyi Zhang

consultants:Yellow window: participation, smart city
SWECO: engineering
Aliwen: dendrology
D2S international: acoustic
AG licht: lighting design
EnergyConsulting: energy

The river, the cathedral and the green system of the boulevards are the 3 major structures and significant elements of the city center: the station square and the central axis that connects it to the cathedral pass through them. The project is therefore a historic opportunity to rethink the city center of Tournai and the relations between its major places according to sequences of strategic spaces.
The galette of the station
Parallel to the station, a "galette", multifunctional public space, gives a clear answer to the reorganization of the flows, the bus station and the car park. This simple geometry makes it possible to organize the surroundings of the station in a fluid way and to integrate functionality and new readability.
The garden terrace
A square-terrace-garden reinterprets the existing park, today marginal space, but part of the green boulevards. It contains the route to the cathedral and is a space towards the park.
The tree plot
It organizes the different spaces and includes the the place Crombez. The relationship between the green boulevards and the project is solved by the mediation of a widely spaced tree grid, which allows flexibility of use.