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Guide plan for the heart of the metropolis Fond de Penfeld in Brest

client:Brest Métropole
program:guide plan - masterplan
date:2018 - in progress
team:Studio PV
Idea Consult: programmation, territorial strategy
Egis: transportation
Alessia Calò, Bertrand Plewinski, Morvan Rabin

consultants: Scopic: concertation
Guam Conseil: economy

Brest creates multiple images : Brest - the city of the navy and submarines due to his strategic geographical position, Brest - the city with port and sailors, Brest Finis Terrae, Brest la Grise after the post-bellic reconstruction.. all these images has inspired artists, writers and directors.
Like other metropolis, the heart of the city is living a difficult time. Families prefers to live outside in the Breton countryside with bigger houses and a gardens, professionals prefers other parts to work.
The city center is shrinking. Brest is also an university city, with an important hospital activity and a developped blue economy: a tram line, the telepherique, old industrial renovations, a campus masterplan, a commercial port plan, etc.
The mission is to elaborate a plan guide for the heart of the metropoly: coordinate projects and current dynamics, rethink the urban space, sew up the city with the Penfeld river and the litoral.
The first phase focus on new and old "images", then some strategic spaces are studied through "transitions scenarios", pilot projects for the city, capable to deal with climate change with new spatial structures and devices, in order to draw the city space in the next 10-20 years.
All the actors (residents, politicians, institutions, associations, technician, investors, etc.) are guided through a participation process during the guide plan elaboration.