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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Boulevard Mermoz - ZAC de la Courrouze

client:Rennes Métropole
program:public space /infrastructure
date:2015 - in progress
team:Studio PV
Charles Dard: landscape
Amco: VRD engineering, structures
Simona Bodria, Adrien Lefévre, Laura May-Dessagne, Silvia Urbano

consultant:Aubépine Sarl: ecology

The ZAC Courrouze stays in between the Rennes and St Jacques de la Lande municipality.
The Gaité sector and the Boulevard Mermoz have been read for long time as a kind of "gateway" from the Southwest to the city.
The transformation of the Boulevard Mermoz in an urban boulevard was made in order to restore a real continuity between the two sides of the ring.
In order to build a new urban fragment, a "piece of city", it is essential to create the conditions for a real integration into the rest of the urban tissue, both physicals and socials.
The boulevard is situared in the middle the ZAC Courrouze, so crossing the infrastrcuture and the continuity of the paths were the main themes that adressed the design.
The project proposes to make connections with the developed and under development areas, including elements at the study stage on St Jacques de la Lande.
A slow mobility net meshes so the area.
Two bike lanes, in both directions, will accompany the boulevard, pursuing those from St Jacques de la land, which will be completed in their missing parts.