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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Pilate park - ZAC de la Courrouze

client:Rennes Métropole
program:landscape /public space
date:2011 - 2018
team:Studio BSPV
Charles Dard: landscape
Amco: VRD engineering, structures
Simona Bodria, Dao Ming Chang, Uberto degli Uberti, Marine Durand, Carla Greco, Adrien Lefévre, Silvia Urbano, Kasumi Yoshida

consultant:Aubépine Sarl: ecology

The Pilate sector is characterized by a large green open space in the Southwest, where the land is fertile.
On the other hand, from the terraces on the merlon - which form a skyline from the ring road to the railway station - the space allow a perspective on the landscape of the entire Pilate sector.
The large open space of the park is marked by transversal tree bands extending to the rest of the ZAC, beyond the railway track.
These strips draw lines that guide the view towards the horizon, and are made up by existing trees and enriched with new trees (oaks, walnut trees, plane trees, ash trees, aspens).