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Over De Ring

client:Flemish Government, Department of Mobility and Public Works
program:vision - masterplans
date:2017 - 2018
team: Studio PV
Grafton Architects
Jordi De Vlam, Michael Stas, Quinyi Zhang

consultants:Idea Consult: strategies and development, programmation
Sweco: engineering
D2s International: noise
Sertius: air quality
Antwerpen Aan 't Woord: participation

The Antwerp Ring Highway cross through densely populated areas. Therefore the situation is questioned an problematized. As a result of a long debate between different actors and citizens the idea of capping/putting a roof on the Ring was started.

The Ring was divided into six segments on which six design teams worked for nine months in an intensive participative proces with the aim to propose strategic "short"-term projects and a long term vision for a full capping. Studio worked on the Southeast segment, one of the more complex segments in terms of social aspects, mobility, technical issues, etc.
The projected future was always connected to three themes to make a coherent vision:
-the atlas, a mapping that clarified the problems and potentials of the Ring zone;
-the framework, referring to the different continuities in the Ring zone (ecology, Ring biking paths, water, sound and air protection) and the needed shift in mobility practice (public transport, sections of radial streets, the Singel, ...)
-typologies of projects, in order to integrate a language of different interventions in the Ringzone.