Studio Paola ViganĂ²

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Project for the Petite Hollande - Bords de Loire
[second prize]

client:Nantes Métropole
team:Studio PV
Artelia: engineering
Michel Desvigne Paysagiste: landscape
Stella Armeli, Simona Bodria, Tommaso Pietropolli

consultants:Atelier Georges: concertation
Ferrara Palladino e associati: lighting design
Alphaville: programmation

The vision of a city that invent a new relation with his river touches deeply the collective image of Nantes. This vision is supported by memorable public spaces, with flexible and various uses , by the construction of new ecologies and nature in the city, by reinsularising Nantes, a water metropoly.
The first move is about enriching the city of qualitative public spaces, which enforced his abitability and are capable to create new urban images in the collective memory.

Reinsularizing Nantes : a new ecology, a new nature in the city
The Loire fillings tooks out a lot of space to the water and reduced the biotic exchanges, replaced by big waterproof layers.
A new nature in the city will give finally a solution to the lost branches spaces of the Loire and will give a readability to the insular temper of the Madeleine-Gloriette with the reduction of the impermeable spaces and with the diffuses gardens.
The set of project’s intentions represent itself in a plan which try, with his representation, to fill the distance between an overall vision and dispersed practices of use.
The drawing represent so, the livable space, with all the devices, even at the small scale, which allows to develop a new relation with the Loire.
The plan is a synchronous image of the transformation which will develop in different time, the element of a future guide plan are became visible.