Studio Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Requalification and renovation masterplan for the ACEC site with the near neighbourhood

client:SPI (Agence de developpement pour la province de Liege) and Herstal municipality
date:2017 - in progress
team:Studio PV
Idea Consult: strategies and development, programmation
Alessia Calo, Bertrand Plewinski, Morvan Rabin

consultants: Sweco: mobility, landscape engineering, infrastructures
Rsk Benelux sprl: pollution
Origin Architecture & Engineering: monuments and buildings restoration and renovation

Herstal and the ACEC site are located along the Meuse, in the province of Liège, at the crossroads of the landscapes of the heart of Europe: the Ardennes south, agricultural plains in the north, the landscape of the Meuse and the landscape produced by the European mining belt.
These different landscapes can be recognized at the scale of the site: the proximity of productive lands, the presence of the Meuse, the industrial heritage and the remaning tracé of an old industrial railway linking the ACEC site to Herstal station, crossing the city.
The project is about moving the image from the industrial city to the "green city" by focusing on innovation and inventing a new mix between housing and production.
In the north part of the site a new green continuity find place: a “productive garden” is created due to the presence of “Verdir”, a research project developed by the Liege university.
A big solar house welcome the production of molecular extraction-plants useful in the pharmaceutical fields, and a smart box incubator made by “smart containers” will allow the sustainable cultivation of edibles.
The large industrial halls become the meeting point of these different components.