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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Former Gdansk shipyards' redevelopment masterplan
selected team

client:Revive, Alides REIM, Edonia
program:redevelopment masterplan
team:Studio PV
Origin: conservation
Sweco: engineering, sustainability
Uberto degli Uberti, Tommaso Pietropolli, Etienne Shillers, Alessio Tamiazzo, Kasumi Yoshida

There is no permanence of memory in space without people practicing it.
The respect for the history of Gdansk and the old Shipyards is not opposed to them being revived inside a new urban and cultural life-cycle.
A promenade inside the project reveals the richness and multiplicity of the stories, human and environmental, captured inside the Gdansk shipyard. For this site we proposed a set of clear concepts:
the tissue, integrating and respecting the existing heritage;
the green urban plinth, introducing a new settlement principle, a strong project of the public space, common ground to the buildings;
a coherent urban language, through a vocabulary and a grammar of the space according to the area.
These topics constitute an essential part of the proposal for the new young city, which we interpreted as a contemporary resource, via a sustainable, integrated and doable project of transformation.