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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Public spaces of the Cleunay sector - ZAC de la Courrouze

client:Rennes Métropole
program:public space /infrastructure
date:2011 - in progress
team:Studio BSPV, Studio PV
Charles Dard: landscape
Amco: VRD engineering, structures
Simona Bodria, Dao Ming Chang, Irene Cogliano, Carla Greco, Kasumi Yoshida, Lora Rudko, Uberto degli Uberti

consultant:Aubépine Sarl: ecology

The public spaces in the Cleunay sector aims to respond at the same time to different requirements: storm water management, connection with different parts of the town, resolution of the physical constraints of ground-levels and the new entrance to the Courrouze park by an "anti-park".
The Cleunay environment is so composed in two kinds of landscape: the platforms gardens and the wall's park.
The first landscape is the one of the platforms and gardens which creates, from the Cleunay boulevard, a physical and visual permeability on the East-West ax. These gardens create an inhabited landscape.
The second landscape is the one of the wall's park. Showed by the center of the neighbourhood, the space near the old wall is lived in a domestic way and it's a nice place.
A network of slow paths is added to the main roads.
The particular configuration of the site imposes a crossing of a 3m elevation level, which is solved by the presence of different ground works.