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Requalification of the Sports Parc in the Heysel plateau
[second prize]

client:Heysel municipality
team:SWECO belgium: programmation - estimation
Studio PV
Green Concept: ecology
E&V architecture: architecture
Wirtz international: landscape
Stella Armeli, Qinyi Zhang

The project proposes an urban and ecological link between two large green entities of the region, Laecken park to the east, Dielegem wood and King Baudouin park to the west. The existing tissue of patches on different scales - from neighbourhood gardens to urban parks (including the new areas, like the Tour&Taxis park near the canal), to boulevards and squares, are the potential for a robust green structure, currently still poorly connected. The new Sports Park is defined as a "connection park" as well as providing sports facilities, capable of strengthening this green structure. The connection of urban and sports clusters, hard space and soft space, develops multiple characteristics, enabling the valorization of each place and its characteristics, for a better ecological and urban appropriation