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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Progetto Flaminio, Roma - international competition
[first prize]

client:Cassa depositi e Prestiti investimenti sgr
program:masterplan / housing development / public space /infrastructure
date:2015 - in progress
team:Studio PV
d'Appolonia Spa: engineering
Simona Bodria, Uberto degli Uberti, Laura-May Dessagne, Alessio Tamiazzo, Kasumi Yoshida, Qinyi Zhang

Inside a neighbourhood which become in the last decades more and more exclusive, where at least wastelands and under-used spaces come after architectonic emergences; where metropolitain attractors alternate with social housing sectors in which is still representing an idea of civil magnificence; where a remnant of production areas and military enclosures intersect with dense and lived common ownership, the project site is an important occasion to reflect on the city, her spatial structure, her life cycles and her mobile boundary of values which varies over time.
The area, situated in the center of the trident defined between the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century (Town plan and north expansion of Rome in 1883, Viviani-Pianciani; 1909 plan, Sanjust-Nathan) and leant on the central axis est-west between the Parioli hill, the Tiber River and the Monte Mario reserve, in the west the area allow to redraw the different interpretations of the urban structure and to precise the foundametal elements.
Perpendicularly to this axis est-west (the Guido Reni promenade), the new part of the city finds continuities, rithms and articulation of open spaces. Starting from this, with the linear square of MAXXI, the project find connections of equipments, services, green spaces and closed neighbourhoods. The pedestrian perpendicular structure allows the transition between private and public spaces, the coexisting of open functions to a large public, more quiet residential zones, and the vegetative percolation inside a space today very impermeable.