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Garden of the memory - ZAC de la Courrouze

client:Rennes Métropole
program:public space /infrastructure
date:2012 - 2015
team:Studio BSPV, Studio PV
Charles Dard: landscape
Amco: VRD engineering, structures
Simona Bodria, Uberto degli Uberti, Carla Greco, Adrien Lefévre, Silvia Urbano, Kasumi Yoshida

consultants:Aubépine Sarl: ecology

The dramatic deporting story during the II World War that took place on this site has made old deportees and their families asking the City a commemorative garden here.
The opportunity came with the project of the ZAC Courrouze, where Studio designed a project as respectful as possible of the memory and site.
We chose to don't touch the dock which is in a very good state of preservation, except to apply some textes which tells facts all the along its extension, so visitors are accompanied by this story all the way along.
At the beginning of the path, west side of the dock, a commemorative plaque in bronze represent the path of the deporting train, as it has been represented in the commemorative publications, accompanied by a brief text in memory of the event.