Studio Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Atom Park in Dessel, Antwerp

program:public space
date:2015 - in progress
team:ONO/Boven Bouw: architecture
Studio PV
Veerle Cox, Uberto degli Uberti, Sébastien Declercq, Alessio Tamiazzo, Kasumi Yoshida, Carmen Van Maercke

consultant:ARA/Dries Beys

The landscape park in Dessel is embedded in a very specific context. A highly rich one, where several landscapes co-exist, mosscape, productive pine forests, industrial areas, deciduous forests, etc. the approach of the landscape park related to a communications centre starts with valorizing all existing landscapes. To implement this ambition, five lines of landscape are introduced, the productive pine forest (working as a visual spatial screen for the industries), the re-vitalized heath, a natural grassland, an artificial topographical strip and a forest of oak and other deciduous species. Besides this natural sequence, two main paths of circulation guide you through the park. One main path, organized between the heath and grassland, connects the two parts of the park and links up to a wider regional network. The second path runs in a straight line and closely follows the local artificial topography, the so called ‘strip’.