Studio Paola ViganĂ²

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

New neighbourhood beetween La Courneuve and Saint-Denis
[second prize]

client:Department de la Seine Saint-Denis
date:2015 - 2016
team:Studio PV
Bureau Bas Smets: landscape
Berim: VRD - Idraulic systems
Morvan Rabin, Alessio Tamiazzo, Qinyi Zhang

consultant:Biodiversita: ecology

The masterplan has been developed in a long process of transformations that reflects the importance of the places and the commitment required to achieve their profound transformation. The space that the masterplan deals with is continuous. It is based on a careful reading of the existing and creates new figures of public space, types of housing as well as exceptional objects such as sports facilities or the urban project around the TEN station.