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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

't Zand - international competition
[second prize]

client:Stad Brugge
program:public space
team:Studio PV
Architecten Groep III: architecture
Stabitec bvba, Studiebureau Verhaeghe: engineering
Uberto degli Uberti, Kobe Pillen, Kasumi Yoshida

The concept begins with the articulation of the space and ends with the valorization of the presence of the theatre and the event room, characterizing the design and the atmosphere of the same. The square is the spatial device that allows dialogue between the old city, the new Concert Hall and the plan. The square is composed of a number of spaces that can host many events and uses. Hence, New Zand is turned into an activity generator. The square is divided up into four intermittent spaces, four 'strips', organized along the main axis and running from the western to the eastern facade. Due to its busy events agenda, the plan aspires to have the square work successfully as a space for quality events as well as fulfilling its everyday functions